Vintage Mid 20th century Hand Woven Tapestry Fisherman Boat by Caspersson, Mothers Commerce Company, India


Vintage handwoven tapestry landscape with a fishing boat made by C. Caspersson in Mothers Commerce Company Ltd India. Labeled.
Measurements: H80cm x W60cm, 24 x 32 Inces.
This tapestry is an original design created by Tapisseries de la Mere, weaving facility in Pondicherry, South India featuring the collaborative efforts of American and Indian artists working with hand weavers from the local Tamil Population.
The technique, called split weave, allows for the depiction of very fine detail in any shape, and thus the very accurate and lifelike re-creation of the scene.
This tapestry composed of 100% wool from the northern state of Punjab in India.
You can dry- clean the pastry with no worry of colors running or fading.
With proper care, the tapestry will be a source of enjoyment for many years.